STYiLES - #1 International Bestseller
STYiLES - The Definitive Guide To Building An Elite Image Consulting Business

Elevate your image consulting business to the next level

Becoming an elite image consultant is within your grasp. This book reveals a step-by-step action plan to position yourself as the best of the best. What you’re about to discover is part art, part science and guaranteed to help you transform your business from the OUTSIDE in.

This book will show you exactly how to:

  • Position yourself as an elite image consultant 
  • Get a clear understanding of your current brand 
  • Rebrand yourself by identifying the “right” market
  • Find the essential resources you need to better serve your clients
  • Expand your network and connect with resources around the globe

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“Jen met with me and not only discussed what would look good on me, but what my goals were, how to accomplish them, and how those goals interfaced with style and image. I think the most important part of the process that I valued was the in depth discussion and alignment of the image I was seeking to create."

- Anthony, client since 2019

"My experience with Jen was really awesome. She helped me learn so much and just was so amazing! She really helped me changed my life as well as my personal identity and just made me become so much better looking, more confident, and happier. I'll be visiting her a lot more in the future."

- Jeremy, client since 2021

"This was a truly life changing experience! The sessions starts with her getting to know you and from there she goes over tips for styling from head to toe. The best part is that the advice is very tailored to you and your goals. Jen helped me uncover insights that for me just clicked and reminded me of who I really wanted to be and how to bring that out through my style. Working with Jen, I walked out of the session both more confident and re-inspired!"

- Evon, client since 2022


About the Author

The founder of Style Konsult, Jen Auh is an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She has worked with brands such as Bliss, Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Silver Jeans. Jen started her journey as an image consultant by giving her friends advice on fashion, lifestyle, and self-care in her living room.

Her passion and skills have led her to build an image consulting, custom tailoring, personal shopping, and personal branding agency that focuses on helping her clients become better versions of themselves.