2022 Cologne Guide: What Every Guy Must Know to be Attractive

2022 Cologne Guide: What Every Guy Must Know to be attractive

BY Jen Auh

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As a lady with male friends, I know some guys put considerable effort into how they smell to be more attractive. Yes, you can’t entirely blame them for doing this. If you think about it, as ladies, who doesn’t get attracted to or like to perceive the softening cologne of her man?

I also understand that one way to dampen a guy’s self-esteem is to tell him he doesn’t smell good, especially if he’s been putting effort into it. But then, the issue is not the effort put into it, but about getting it right to really be attractive.

For all there is, as a guy, you may be doing everything to smell nice but doing it the wrong way. However, as someone who has already mastered the art of smelling nice, I have decided to share some guidance for guys from a female perspective.

So, in this short post, you will learn what you have to know this year to get your cologne game on the right track and be more attractive.


One mistake guys make is trying out whatever cologne they find online with good reviews or what other guy friends might suggest. Apart from the inconsistencies between body types, it might cause your body to mute the scent or not smell good when applied to your body.

This, however, does not mean you should pick just one cologne and stick with it if it’s not right for you. You still have to narrow it down and also remain conscious of the intended application such as for office wear or for a romantic occasion.

The way to do this is to spray on a tester card and select those that catch your interest. After this, you can now try some on your wrist and monitor how it mixes with your body chemistry and don’t be afraid to ask a trusted female for their feedback.

The fun fact is that you don’t have to buy a cologne immediately if you can’t make up your mind about it. Feel free to come back after you are sure of its applied scent and longevity on your skin.  



It’s not enough to have the best cologne that’s the right fit for your body chemistry and intended occasion. You also have to know how to apply it. 

It is not unusual for guys to spray cologne on their clothes and anywhere they think it will make them smell good. However, this is not always the right way.

It would be best in the majority of instances unless you experience skin sensitivity to spray cologne on your body, not your clothes. This is important, especially if you want to achieve a unique smell that’s signature to your body and individualized essence. 

Spraying on your body will allow your unique body chemicals and oils to interact with the cologne and create a distinct smell.

Also, always aim for the warm parts of your body such as  your neck, chest, wrists, and inner elbows. This will allow the cologne to transport faster around your energy field and last longer throughout the day or night.


Guys, you are not in a competition for who uses the most cologne. So, calm down on how how many times you press down on the cologne nozzle. With respect to cologne, less is often “more” from the perspective of a female. 

Using too much cologne can be off-putting and can seem like you’re trying too hard to impress, and you don’t want to do that. So, how much cologne should you use to be more attractive?

It depends on whether your cologne is Eau de Parfum or Eau de Toilette. If it is the latter, you will need about three to five squirts across your body areas depending on the characteristics of the liquid after it leaves the bottle or container.

If the scent is light, you will likely need to apply more. This is because of the different concentrations which vary between cologne formulas and manufacturers. Also, you might not be aware if the formula is intended or daytime or nighttime wear where there can be distinctions. 

On the other hand, if your cologne has high sillage (the fragrance you leave behind when you walk past), you only need a few squirts to up your cologne game and with some particular scents (i.e. Creed Aventus) one squirt can be more than enough.


It is important to put an extra effort into how you received by the world, including choosing the best cologne for every occasion. If it is challenging for you to elevate your sense of style, you can always engage with an image consultant to give you the right advice and confidence to get the most out of life. Schedule your grooming consultation with Jen Auh today!