9 Ways to Style Women's Blazers in Spring


Women's blazers

The blazer is one of the key items in women’s spring wardrobes. It is an item associated with elegance and good taste. Although it can be worn all year round, it is perfect to layer outfits for the transitional weather. There are designs and shapes for every woman, from oversized to cropped ones.

For decades, the blazer became essential in the feminine wardrobe. The traditional way to combine the versatile piece is with matching dress pants. It also looks great with jeans for an informal effect. You can elevate the look with a blazer by combining it with a top, blouse, shirt, and high-heeled shoes.


The dandy look: Embracing a masculine style through a tailored suit with a matching blazer and pleated pants. It has more of a masculine cut with a shoulder pad, worn with jeans or a dress. The key is to choose a blazer that emphasizes the tailoring cut.

The monochromatic look: Opt for neutral and soft tones such as beige or ecru. It is a stylish outfit that always looks as stylish as refined.

Dandy look with a blazer

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Blazer in a bright color: Select turquoise, pink, or yellow to make it the outfit’s statement piece. It looks modern and stylish.

Bright-colored blazer

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Belted blazer: Add volume with a belted blazer. You can match the belt with the pants or other accessories. The final touch will be original sunglasses and unique accessories.

Belted blazer

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Blazer worn as a dress: Wear a long blazer as a mini dress with short, invisible leggings underneath. To elevate the outfit, match the color of the blazer with your bag. Additionally, wearing high boots can accentuate the effect of the blazer/dress.

Blazer with belt

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Blazer with a crop top: Spring offers ample opportunity to experiment with contrasts. A stylish and refined look can be achieved by pairing a crop top with a jacket. This combination balances the exposure of the torso with the blazer, which can be left fully open or buttoned based on personal preference.

Blazer with a crop top

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With other patterns: The good thing about this item is that it combines with everything to lower a ‘look’ with a patterned garment, like striped pants. The only thing you should consider is that the colors are compatible.

Blazer with other patterns

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In a ‘cropped’ version: This style became popular last season and has slipped into the street style’s most stylish ‘looks.’ If you want to create a modern and chic look, bet on leather-effect pants.

Cropped blazer

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Blazer with shorts: Use the blazer as another layer on jeans, shorts and a white t-shirt. You can wear this elegant outfit throughout spring and summer.

Blazer with shorts

Image from Fashion Jackson

Blazer with miniskirt: It is a feminine style that flatters most women. It works with short, midi, and long skirts. However, miniskirts contrast with the broader blazer and create a beautiful harmony.

Blazer with mini skirt

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