the book STYiLES and STYiLES app




I am very excited to announce that STYiLES, my first book, is available in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia. It is an unbelievably exciting moment for me. I am able to experience this personal milestone but also to contribute to the image consulting world in a truly forward-looking way. There are not many resources available for image consultants to access for continued learning and growth. As an image consultant myself, it’s an honor to share my knowledge with this community that I love so dearly.

I am happy to say I have succeeded in keeping the book simple and easily readable, yet still incredibly useful. With over 20 years of experience, I have collected all of my most valuable lessons and compiled them in STYiLES’ pages. The best part is that it also contains advice and inspiration from my beloved clients. As well, from respected fellow professionals across several industries. It was an incredible opportunity to interview and include them in the journey that has resulted in STYiLES.

For me, one of the best parts about working in this industry is the community I get to build. It brings me so much fulfillment to interact with all different kinds of innovative people. Whether they are the peers I get to grow with or the clients whose lives I can help transform. Each shared moment touches me and has molded me into the person I am today. It feels amazing to be able to give back to this community.

STYiLES is #1 International Bestseller, so get your copy and learn more about the world of professional image consulting.


STYiLES was created with the same mission in mind as my B2B2C STYiLES app. Another big project that I’ve been working on, the updated STYiLES app is set to launch on September 1st. It aims to build a resourceful community for image consultants around the world. Through the professional network it creates, image consultants are able to elevate their businesses. Therefore, they will offer even more comprehensive services.

The app is going to have several exclusive features. From easy ordering and express shipping to the ability to provide personalized services, and beyond. STYiLES 2.0 includes a new amazing feature of a detailed client booking dashboard. Image consultants can easily navigate through their clients and appointments. As well, booking appointments and communicating with the clients.

Every time I meet with the team, I’m amazed at the progress being made on STYiLES. It’s exciting to see all the premium features coming alive. They are evolving into a great system that will make the lives of all image consultants so much easier. So, it’s thrilling to know that I’ll be able to share it with all of you.

Such a holistic resource has been something of my imagination for so long. I’d be honored for you to celebrate alongside me. I invite you download the STYiLES app now on App Store or Google Play to start enjoying a premium image consulting experience.

If you want to build an image that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals in 2023, book personalized image consulting services on the STYiLES app. You can find image consultants worldwide who meet all your needs and book online or in-person consultations.