7 Elegant and Feminine Nail Manicures


Elegant manicure

Polished and stylish nails show a woman’s elegance and personal style. In 2023, the nail art that will be popular is the most minimalist that, without being eloquent or outlandish, adds sophistication to women’s looks.

Increasingly, the medium or short length is taking hold in manicure trends that, on the other hand, are loaded with color and very significant minimalist nail art. French manicures will also be present in their continuous reinvention.


90’s French manicure

The French manicure is reinvented every season. This season, the most trendy will be its 90s version: almond-shaped and very shiny nails with well-cared cuticles. This is how beautiful this version of the manicure was on the hands of Margot Robbie by the hand of the manicurist, Tom Bachik.

90s French manicure

Image from Tom Bachik Instagram


The discovery of French micro manicures is extended with techniques that maintain their essence but with an ultra-fine brush. They are the classic nails (pale/natural pink base and white tips) in a very short length.

In other words, this year women will cut their nails at a comfortable and practical length. This was confirmed by several spring/summer 2023 shows, such as Dior’s or Simone Rocha’s.


Image from Who What Wear. Picture by @BETINA_GOLDSTEIN

Nails with rhinestones

With transparent bases, subtle glitter, and small stones or crystals on the nails, metallic manicures are always one of the most original ideas to give a touch of luxury to your nails and you can customize them in your own way.

Manicure with rhinestones

Image Courtesy: Beauty Revealed. Image from Wedding Wire.


They are also known as the “baby boomer manicure”. It is a variation of the French classic in nude and white. But, on this occasion, the cut between the two colors, normally with pink and white tones, is blurred to achieve a more natural and elegant result.

Degraded manicure

Image from REFINERY29

Pearl nails

Among the light tones that will be most successful are those with a pearly finish. That iridescent touch makes the nails look chic and special. A dreamy, pearly nail color with luminous sparkles reminiscent of the most luxurious pearls.

Pearl manicure

Image from Paulina Alaiev Youtube channel

Aura manicure

Using the sheer, gelatinous effect of the jelly manicure as a base, the aura manicure is very elegant. It is about combining colors with blurred edges on a natural background, creating silhouettes of vibrant tones that are reminiscent of the image of an aura.

Aura manicure

Image from Beauty Bay


These nails are characterized as being very similar to the skin tone, producing a symmetrical effect between the hands and the nails. In addition, it is ideal to wear with any outfit, as it is clean and very chic.

Nude manicure

Image from Beautyhaven


The classic reds are influenced by the pantone color of the year, magenta, which portends the good fortune of the most intense pinks starting in spring. In 2023, the range of colors will touch warm and cold equally.

Pastel Yellow

In spring, yellow will be among the most in-demand hues. It will be characterized by a groundbreaking matte finish.

Pastel yellow manicure

Image from The Pink Brunette

Black vinyl

Black will continue to be a must in the most glamorous appointments but, this year, with the purpose of being the vintage reflection of lifelong vinyl. The unique point is the ultra-shiny finish.

Black vinyl manicure

Image from Glamnetic


Beige, toasted and orange come together in a caramel tone that will be fashionable throughout 2023. Lily James at the 2023 Golden Globes confirmed that they are the most surprising trend of the year.

Brown manicure

Image from Pinetrest

Pastel Pink

They will remain among the most popular nails throughout the year due to its elegant hue and its adaptability to any type of skin. In addition, being a pastel shade, it is guaranteed success throughout the spring and summer.

Pastel pink manicure

Image from Etsy

Baby blue

The blues will vary in intensity depending on the season of the year. The baby blue will prevail in spring and summer and a most intense (Klein type) will be in trend in late summer and autumn.

Baby blue manicure

Image from Miss Sophie


The polished effect of smooth and shiny nails will be the most resounding choice among lovers of classic manicures. Also, satin nail polishes and glazed nails are going to gain popularity throughout the year.

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