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If you haven’t heard about STYiLES app 2.0 yet, then you’re in the right place. If you have, then you already know how effective and helpful all the new features will be. The STYiLES app has been in a period of intense updates and improvements. But, it will be ready for launch on September 1st. Be sure to mark your calendar!

You may be wondering what will be new about STYiLES 2.0. The answer is that there are going to be many new features available. This new version of STYiLES will not only integrate features on the client side. It will expand the options and usefulness for stylists and image consultants as well. We’ve worked hard to ensure that STYiLES 2.0 will offer premium services to all who use it.


The main new feature is a client booking interface. Both image consultants and clients will be able to arrange consultations for a time and place that works best for them. Such appointments can be planned for meeting in-person or online. This feature will be incredibly convenient. Especially, because so much else of your business as an image consultant can also be managed through the app.


Clients will be able to find image consultants that meet all their needs by searching them on the app. They can narrow their search using filters such as location, price, and specialization. This will be advantageous for clients in finding their ideal consultant. Also, it will also be beneficial for image consultants. They will receive clients that are much more likely to be great matches for the services they have to offer.


Similarly, the STYiLES app will be useful for client management. Image consultants will be able to manage all the information, data, and requests from their clients and partners all in the same app. The efficiency will be life-changing.


To facilitate the image consultant-client relationship even further, STYiLES 2.0 will offer a live private messaging function. Image consultants and stylists can communicate with their clients. This ensures that all questions are answered and that all requests are received. Now, you might be thinking, “There’s no way that STYiLES can get more convenient than this.”


STYiLES 2.0 will offer personal shopping and custom tailoring. There will be a wide variety of luxury clothing and accessory brands available through the app. As well, high-end fabrics for when image consultants and stylists create custom clothing for their clients. This feature is key for elite and premium image consulting businesses. As an image consultant, your business will reach new heights with the ability to build upscale wardrobes effectively. With the process being streamlined through STYiLES 2.0 to guarantee an optimized client experience, your customers are sure to be impressed.


Additionally, STYiLES 2.0 will provide easy access to resources for image consultants. One way this will be done is with extensive lists of professionals, such as dermatologists or personal trainers. It can serve to complement the services you provide as an image consultant.


Another resource, available also to clients, will be a diverse set of relevant advice and tips via the frequently updated Style Konsult blog. Clients will find articles about fashion, style, lifestyle, and grooming.


Last but not least, the app will maintain all of its previous features. Users will still be able to reap the benefits of express and global shipping, easy ordering… Now, combined with a host of new features.

Caring for the personal image is the key to success, which is why the STYiLES app offers the best tools for image consultants to enhance their client’s personal and professional images. Download the STYiLES app now on App Storeor Google Play to start enjoying a premium image consulting experience. 

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