I wrote a book to go hand in hand with my B2B2C app STYiLES. It is part of my journey to help my fellow image consultants grow their businesses and scale up their services. This book, which serves as a guide, will be the first of a series about various topics related to image consulting. As for the next, I plan to publish an image consulting 101. It will be useful for those who wish to pursue image consulting as a career. The ultimate goal is to create a school for aspiring image consultants.

I really enjoyed the process of preparing to publish my first book. The book covers all relevant aspects of the image consulting business. Two important ones are maintaining good relationships with partners and communicating well with clients. This book is aimed at elite image consultants in the style and fashion industries. They will find helpful advice to keep upgrading their businesses.

In the process of writing this book, I have been doing interviews with not only clients but also fellow professionals. I have been reaching out to make new connections. As well, I’ve also been discussing with my publisher all the important points about the book for it to be as informative and clear as possible.

My purpose is to share all the useful knowledge I have from my 20+ years of experience compressed in a few pages. That way, the book has turned out to be a one-day read that reminds the professionals of how to do better.


Actually, there are not many published books that focus solely on the image consulting business. A personal stylist can read other kinds of books about style, grooming or lifestyle to gain expertise and skills. However, they need books like STYiLES if they wish to get more tips on how to expand and improve their career from a business point of view. That is another reason why I decided to write this book.

I am very excited to provide my fellow image consultants with the necessary tools they need to take their businesses to the next level. They are able to find valuable information in order to offer premium products and services to their clients. I hope that image consultants can build stronger relationships with their clients as well as customer loyalty. Then, I‘d love to see how other image consultants thrive with the advice I gave them in my book.

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