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  • 4 Simple Steps For Guys To Prevent Premature Aging BY Jen Auh Aging can make you look serious and dignified. Some fine lines here and there can bring animation and character to your face. But, when it

  • 2022 Cologne Guide: What Every Guy Must Know to be attractive   BY Jen Auh As a lady with male friends, I know some guys put considerable effort into how they smell to be more attractive. Yes, yo

  • SPRING FASHION AND LIFESTYLE TRENDS IN SEOUL BY JEN AUH Images from ELLE. Clothing brands from left to right: Interior, Victor Virgile, Yuchen Liao, Arturo Holmes, Pietro S. d’Aprano, Khaite. Sp

  • JEN AUH’S FIRST BOOK, STYiLES   BY JEN AUH I wrote a book to go hand in hand with my B2B2C app STYiLES. It is part of my journey to help my fellow image consultants grow their businesses an

  • the book STYiLES and STYiLES app BY JEN AUH STYiLES, THE FIRST BOOK BY JEN AUH I am very excited to announce that STYiLES, my first book, is available in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, and Australia

  • Features of the STYiLES app BY JEN AUH If you haven’t heard about STYiLES app 2.0 yet, then you’re in the right place. If you have, then you already know how effective and helpful all the new features