Outfits for a corporate holiday dinner

What to wear for the corporate holiday dinner is the question that many women keep asking themselves year after year. The best you can do is not risk too much and wear an elegant outfit that flatters you.

A corporate holiday dinner is the perfect occasion to build a deeper connection with your colleagues by showing the best version of yourself. The key is to find a balance between a sophisticated and relaxed look that reflects your personal style.

Since it is a festive event, you can wear glitter and sequins when celebrating the holidays with your team. The most important thing is that your overall image continues to show that you are a professional woman.


Black dress pants with a blouse

Black dress pants are ideal to attend one of these work meetings, since they provide a plus of femenine elegance and combine well with most tops. I recommend you to wear them with a modish blouse or top.

Blouse for a corporate holiday dinner

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Give your look a personal touch with the accessories you like, either gold or silver. Complement your outfit with a chic black bag and matching heels or flat brogues. For makeup, opt for a natural look with warm hues.

A chic one-piece

If you feel confident wearing a one-piece, a great option is selecting a unique item that looks festive and stylish. A velvety black jumpsuit or a colorful dress with metallic or glitter details are special pieces that will make you shine during that night.

Wear a warm coat on top to not get cold on the way to the event. You can also complete the look with a solid color scarf and your favorite jewelry. Bet on simple makeup, highlighting your eyes or your lips with subtle smokey shades.


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A timeless femenine suit

Refined blazers and suit pants have become a must-have in every woman’s closet. Suits are great to look as polished as fashionable on all occasions. Select a solid color suit in tones like white and navy or an elegant checkered pattern. Don’t forget to wear beautiful earrings and your favorite jewelry (necklace, bracelet, rings…). Complete the look with flat shoes like loafers and ankle boots without heels.

Navy Suit

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White suit

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