Valentine's Day outfits
Image from Oprah Daily. From left to right, the clothing brands are: Lulu's, Forward, and Chico's.

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. It is a special day to celebrate love and friendship surrounded by your loved ones. It is the perfect occasion to wear a stylish outfit and look your best. Whether you are going to a romantic candlelight dinner or a home party with friends, it is important that you feel comfortable and beautiful.

In case you have a romantic date, select a look that matches your personal style and that will surprise your partner at the same time. Whichever style you choose, make sure you shine on that magical day.


The color that represents love and passion is red. Also, it is one of the few colors that flatters most women. Wear red clothes or accessories on Valentine’s Day to feel attractive, empowered, and beautiful.

If you are looking for a more romantic style, you can opt for any of the pink tones. Choose a pink garment and add another in neutral tones like the elegant white. You can also choose prints or accessories in these shades.

No matter what plan you have for Valentine’s Day, the color black will always be your best ally to get it right. You can opt for a refined black dress or a black set. Combining a black outfit with heels is perfect to achieve a polished, charming look.


Feminine dress

A dress that flatters you is a safe bet for the event. Your look for Valentine’s Day should be alluring, and the best way to achieve it is with a feminine dress. There are many styles to choose from depending on which one matches your personality and taste. It can be a flowy satin dress, a glimmering silver dress, a midi dress with floral prints that give it a romantic feel… Combine it with the right jewelry and ankle boots or heeled sandals.

V-Day classic red dress:

Valentine's Day red dress Valentine's Day red dress

Buy the red dress from Bardot or the little red dress from Halston (more sizes)

If you feel like wearing a love-themed outfit, check out these two red dresses (silk knit and laser-cut) with hearts from Akris that are ideal for Valentine’s day. Also, this dress from Farm Rio is great for the occasion.

Dress for a cocktail/evening party:

Buy the satin dress from Alice + Olivia or the Viva Magenta dress from Stella McCartney

Dress for a brunch or romantic date:


Buy the romantic dress from Alice + Olivia or the white dress from Danielle Frankel

Modish matching set

Whether by colors or through patterns, a matching set has the power to capture all eyes. You can choose a two-piece suit or jacket+skirt/shorts with red and pinkish tones. It is a color range that matches Valentine’s Day and will make you look stunning. Add layers to your outfit to look more dressed up, such as a long coat on top. Complete the look with jewelry of your preference, chic loafers or ankle heeled boots.

Buy the red and white tweed set from Mango (jacket, top, shorts) or the satin pink suit from Alice + Olivia (blazer and pants)

Blouse or corset as a statement piece

Blouses and corsets are trendy, feminine, and sophisticated items that always add elegance to women’s outfits. Combining them with a skirt or dress pants. Enhance the look by using some accessories in gold or silver. Choose shoes that make you feel comfortable, from boots to heels, and that match the outfit colors.

Pink top

Buy this pink top from Adam Lipples

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