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Celebrating STYiLES' 1st Anniversary of Image Consulting Transformation

Greetings to the amazing STYiLES community, clients, image consultants, and supporters! As we stand at the cusp of our first anniversary, I am thrilled to reflect on our remarkable journey together. From humble beginnings to a dynamic global platform, STYiLES has evolved beyond our wildest dreams, and it's my privilege to share the story of this transformative year with you all.

STYiLES 1st Anniversary

A Humble Beginning

STYiLES was started as a solution to streamline the world of image consulting. Our mission was clear from the start: to create a platform that bridged the gap between image consultants and clients, simplifying operations for both parties. With this vision in mind, we embarked on our journey, little knowing that our path would lead us to unforeseen opportunities and greater horizons.

Pioneering Change

Adaptability has been the cornerstone of our journey. In the face of shifting landscapes and unforeseen challenges, we pivoted our platform into a virtual image consulting haven that connected image consultants and clients globally. This transformation began our commitment to making image consulting accessible to all, regardless of geographic boundaries.

Empowering Image Consultants

Our journey took an unexpected turn when we began to hear the voices of image consultants struggling with the technical aspects of virtual consulting and marketing, content creation, training, and design. We recognized an opportunity to serve as more than just a platform but a comprehensive resource hub. Our relentless dedication led us to curate invaluable resources, enabling image consultants to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Nurturing Growth

It wasn't long before we realized that the growth of image consultants was deeply intertwined with our success. To empower them further, we delved into designing websites and social media assets, propelling our image consultants toward unprecedented visibility and success.

A New Era: Business Subscription for Image Consultants

The culmination of our iterative journey was the launch of the STYiLESapp business subscription—a testament to our commitment to empowering image consultants comprehensively. This offering extended beyond virtual solutions, encompassing unlimited marketing, design, resources, and tools. Whether a novice or a seasoned pro, image consultants found within our platform an ecosystem that nurtured their aspirations and elevated their businesses.

Connecting Image Consultants and Clients New

Our evolution never ceased. Building upon our newfound success, we envisioned a world where clients could directly access image consultants' knowledge. The STYiLES app emerged as the path for this transformation, offering clients a direct line to image consultants and a treasure growth of invaluable image consulting resources. No longer was there a middleman; the connection was more natural and impactful.

Access and Empowerment

Our determined commitment to innovating image consulting has been our driving force. We believe that projecting one's best self should be accessible to everyone, and we're devoted to simplifying the process. By creating tools, resources, and avenues for direct connection, we've sought to encourage individuals to embrace their true potential and project confidence in every aspect of their lives.

A Journey Fueled by Support

Reflecting on this whirlwind year, I am profoundly grateful for the unwavering support and feedback from our community, image consultants, and clients. Your trust and encouragement have propelled us forward, inspiring us to push the boundaries of innovation and excellence constantly.

Looking Ahead

As we celebrate this monumental anniversary, we do so with a profound sense of accomplishment and a heart full of anticipation. The journey to revolutionize the image consulting landscape has just begun, and we are committed to being at the forefront of this transformative wave. I eagerly await the opportunity to connect with fellow image consultants, share ideas, refine our strategies, and collectively elevate our industry to new heights.

Again, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all who have been part of this incredible journey. Your belief in STYiLES has strengthened our resolve, and I am excited about the future. Let us continue to inspire confidence, empower individuals, and reshape the image consulting landscape.

Thank you!

Warm regards,

Jen Auh

Founder, STYiLES


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