Suitcase Packing


Suitcase Packing Made Easy. If you are going to travel the world for a period of time or you are constantly living out of a packed luggage due to work, the content inside you suitcase tends to be rather important. If you are one of those people who often forget things or finds himself never knowing what to pack, we can help you. With our service of suitcase packing, we help men pack their luggage in an easy and stress-free manner. As professionals stylist, we will efficiently select clothing pieces that are universal for every occasion. Our stylist will be choosing clothes that can be worn during multiple occasions because we know you have minimal space when traveling. We will gather your items and explain to you how to best pair them. We can even get new suitcases if needed and pack everything that might be necessary for your specific trip. From grooming to your entire wardrobe, we can make suitcase packing simple for each trip while catering to your needs. The price for this service is $600 (products not included). Expect your suitcases to be packed in 3 days.

Please note that services will be in Korean Standard Time.



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