Seoul Fashion Week FW23 Street Style

The 22nd edition of the Seoul Fashion Week FW23 showcases the best street fashion in South Korea. The five-day event attracted local fashion insiders, designers, celebrities, and fashion journalists who dived into the most modern and chic Korean streetwear trends.

The Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in central Seoul was the stage where many people showed their personal styles. The street style looks were elevated for the occasion with exciting mixes of European fashion brands, local designers, and vintage-inspired worldwide.


The popular k-pop girl group NewJeans was the global ambassador of the event. They delivered high fashion outfits in the SFW promotions and the opening ceremony held on March 15th at the DDP central plaza.

Fashion global ambassadors for Seoul Fashion Week FW23

NewJeans as the global SFW global ambassador and the Seoul Fashion Week FW23 opening ceremony (Image from Yonhap News)

Their edgy looks represented K-fashion trends, focused on innovation and self-expression. NewJeans are a fashion icon of their generation who wear the latest street fashion favors, including mini skirts, graphic t-shirts, baggy pants, and platform shoes in black and muted tones. 


Korean brands like CHARM’s, VEGAN TIGER, and ORDINARY PEOPLE presented their FW23 collections at Seoul Fashion Week. They set the path for new street fashion trends influenced by varsity chic and grunge styles.

Baggy clothes

From jackets to pants, loose fit and oversized pieces are present in both women’s and men’s wardrobes. The comfortable and casual elements are combined with accessories and boots to balance the looks.

Baggy clothes for street fashion

Images from NSS Mag

Pop of color

The predominant color in Korean street style is black, but this year’s Seoul Fashion Week showed that Koreans incorporate vibrant colors into their wardrobes. Colorful accessories and clothes add a rich and modish touch to the outfits.

Pop of color in street style

Images from The Korea Herald, Teen Vogue, and NSS Mag

Grunge style

K-fashion is taking great inspiration from grunge style. Korean streetwear increasingly resembles London’s Camden street style by reinventing punk-inspired clothes and adding details like chains and belts.

Grunge style

Images from NSS Mag and The Korea Herald

Denim and leather looks

Denim and leather continue to be two fabrics that are present in most designer collections. Also, denim looks are one of the most common outfit choices among Korean fashionistas, along with Leather jackets. Denim clothing is and will keep being the king of streetwear.

Denim an leather looks at Seoul Fashion Week

Images from NSS Mag

Unique accessories

During Seoul Fashion Week FW23, plenty of models, celebrities, and influencers who attended the event bet on distinctive accessories to enhance their looks. Shoes have been the center of many outfits with handbags and hair accessories.

Unique accessories

Images from Teen Vogue and NSS Mag


Collections of local brands like Ajobyajo, tibaeg, and Sling Stone -among many others- were presented at Seoul Fashion Week FW23.


The Korean brand Lie presented innovative looks with the theme of teddy bears. The stylist and artist Lee Chung-chung, creative director and son of the founder of Lie, came up with the concept. 

In an interview with The Korean Herald, Lee Chung-chung explained that he felt “empathy and affection” when he saw a picture of two people hugging. He considers that those are essential elements of Korean society. The entire collection emphasizes the importance of sensibility.

Lie Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week


ul:kin, led by designer Lee Seong-dong, has been known for its focus on sustainability and redesigning recycled clothes since its launch in 2014. ul:kin’s collection mainly incorporated earthy tones and camouflage patterns inspired by everyday challenges like biohazards and climate change.

Ulkin Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week

Maison Nica

Founded by designer Monica Koh, who worked as a tailor in Italy, launched a collection inspired by a fictional planet called Gaia, set in the year 2123. The futuristic looks are glamorous and edgy, making a memorable impression.

Maison Mica Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week


The world-renowned Korean brand was founded in 2009 by Park Youn-hee. Her playful collections are full of bright, bold colors with graphic prints. She is known as the “queen of prints.” Celebrities like Beyonce and Anne Hathaway have worn her pieces.

Greedilous Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week

Seokwoon Yoon

Timeless cuts and modern art inspired Seokwoon Yoon’s collection and turned into oversized pieces with draping, unconventional cuts, and unique construction. He has lived in Berlin and New York and has taken inspiration from the street style of both cities.

Kim Seokwoon Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week


MMAM is a womenswear brand founded by Hyun Park. The collection was based on a high-fashion approach inspired by graffiti and streetwear. They give traditional pieces like trench coats and blazers a singular spin and add unique touches with lapels, collars, or asymmetrical cuts.

MMAM Korean fashion brand

Images from Seoul Fashion Week

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