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Hi, My name is Jen.
Your Personal Style Guide & a Virtual Image Consultant.

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    Jen Auh is the Founder of men’s lifestyle brand,  SUIT MAKE.

    She has been working in the Fashion and Beauty industry for over 20 years. Her experience with Fashion and Beauty led her to Men’s image consulting and custom-tailoring. Her expertise has helped entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals, and many more refined their looks and lifestyle.

    She always goes the extra mile to showcase an individual their true potential and reveal the person they have always wanted to be.

    She’s passionate about one thing
    – To make YOU LOOK GOOD!

    “Fashions fade, style is eternal” 😎
    Here’s how I transformed my clients from a ‘Regular Boring’ look to ‘In Style look’

    The Process

    My Process begins by understanding who you are as a person, your current style (doesn’t matter if you’re an amaetuer or experienced – I’ll help you evolve to the next level), your social circle, your aspirations or goals, if you have an idol or reference – great. If you don’t that’s perfectly alright, I’ll help you step by step based on your personality.


    So, we both will together draw up a goal that we will aim to accomplish by the end of our session.

    What do I Offer?

    The Virtual or In-person Consultation features a 2-hour session centered around addressing areas such as your style, grooming and even the perfume that will suit you for the current season.

    I also offer a Daily Lifestyle Consultation focused on making your life easier and healthier in style including home decoration! I assess your wardrobe and home, make style and design recommendations, discuss all things grooming and wellness and accompany you to source pieces that will complement your personal authentic style. 

    What people have to say about Jen as an Image Consultant…
    “The whole image consulting service was just great ! We had a great time talking and communication was excellent. I am a guy who prefers comfort over fashion, and was in need of a wardrobe upgrade. Jen listened very well to my reference and wishes and gave excellent advice from top to bottom! even hairstyle and skincare. I would absolutely recommend you book your appointment if you’re in Seoul. You’ll get the best fashion consultation with the eyes of a professional that custom tailor to fit exactly you!” – David

    “If your last style change was to throw out those old band shirts after high school and you’ve always felt the need to improve your look ever since without knowing how to, this is the experience for you. Jen doesn’t just pick out some new clothing pieces: she pays attention to every little detail, from hair and skin to shoes and socks in order to suggest a style that is uniquely yours. She really knows what she is talking about and won’t shame you about not knowing what a skin toner does (among other things). After those ~90 minutes, I came out a more educated and inspired man. Sure, the price might seem too high to some people, but this isn’t just for fun. It is something you can apply to your life: it’s basically an investment in yourself. And Jen made it fun! Huge recommendation!”Conrad

    “My experience with Jen’s image consultation was nothing short of exceptional. She was very easy to talk to, incredibly knowledgeable, and gave me so much more information than just about fashion. She asked me questions of what my personal fashion goals were and gave me specific and easy to follow instructions on how to improve my style and wardrobe. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to improve their look and fashion sense and I am very happy with my experience.” – John

    “After a careful interview with me, Jen gave me advice on so much things, such as wearing what to pursue the style I want, going where to get the clothes and accessories I want (both online and around Seoul), organising my wardrobe, recommending the right colour and textile for me, and so much more. Jen even emailed me the photos so I could understand the point more easily. After the session, I told Jen that I was so much happy and looked forward to doing my styling as per her advice.” – Daniel

    “During my first trip to Korea, I did not expect to come home with a brand new image. SUIT MAKE’s image consulting service has been a life-changer and confidence booster. Jen makes everything easy. With a background in fashion, her recommendations are stylish yet personalized. All the shopping was taken care of and ready for me to try on during our second meeting. It starts with a detailed look into your lifestyle. From personality quirks, grooming habits to career path, Jen takes the time to learn about what makes you tick as an individual. Followed by a comprehensive breakdown of actionable steps to improve your image. For me, the standouts included a skincare routine for my skin type, hairstyle advice, and a brand new wardrobe in my price range. SUIT MAKE has been instrumental in reinventing the way I see myself.” – Cameron
    Come, Let Jen Style You Up!



    I’m here to make you looking your personal best and expressing yourself to the world, just the way you are as a person.

    I’ll give you the styling advices and tips to help you identify the perfect styles and colors/fits that are right for you.

    You’ll enjoy the self-confidence that comes from knowing that you look great and that each outfit you wear is the right one for you.