Spring fashion trends
Images from ELLE. Clothing brands from left to right: Interior, Victor Virgile, Yuchen Liao, Arturo Holmes, Pietro S. d'Aprano, Khaite.

Spring has arrived in Seoul and so have new trends, too. The beautiful cherry blossoms, the warm weather and the bright sunshine inspire many to make changes in their fashion and lifestyles. Spring is an inspirational season in which everything seems fresh and hopeful. It is a good time for new beginnings, working on becoming a better version of yourself and the enjoying spring’s atmosphere in style.

It is convenient to make a wardrobe update when the temperatures increase. Spring fashion is all about accessorizing, wearing light colors and fine fabrics. You should get rid of the winter clothes and introduce more colorful items in your closet. You can also layer stylish garments and have fun combining them with chic accessories like sunglasses and hats. The vibrant season allows you to build outfits with unique designs while keeping it elegant.


Seoul is a cosmopolitan city where people have diverse styles and personalities. It is relevant to know that South Korea is a very fashion forward country. Koreans are widely interested in styling and grooming. It encourages people to find their personal style, polish it up and maximize their image potential. It is reflected in the way they dress for both daily life and work. Most of them tend to shop for high-quality items that suit and fit them perfectly. They give a lot of attention to upgrading their outfits so they look their best.

Moreover, most Koreans take care of their skin with daily grooming routines that have many steps and style their hair properly. They are conscious of how important it is to keep their skin and hair hydrated, healthy and brilliant. Korean beauty and fashion industries focus on offering premium products at affordable prices. From creams to makeup, everyone can access excellent products and services to improve their images. Therefore, it is interesting to walk the streets of Seoul while observing how refined people look throughout the year.


Every season the trends change not only in Seoul, but also all over the world. This year, people are welcoming spring with enthusiasm. They can go out to take longer walks to enjoy the pleasing weather and nice views. On a free spring day, it is common that ‘seoulites’ go for a walk along the Hangang River. They soak in the sunlight in pretty parks and natural areas around the city.

Koreans often rest while sipping on iced coffee at an aesthetic café and go shopping or chat with family and friends. Moreover, food is a big part of Korean culture. It is why they would end the special spring day by eating delicious food at a restaurant, such as Korean barbecue (samgyeopsal) or chicken and beer (chimaek).

On the other hand, style and fashion in Seoul varies a lot when spring arrives. People ditch their long black coats and start building their spring wardrobe with lighter garments and brighter colors. You may notice that there are two main styles in Korean street fashion. The casual and urban style is fashionable yet focuses on comfort, and the classy and sophisticated style centers around smart clothes.


The people who have a more relaxed style usually fancy outfit combinations like a plain t-shirt with a jacket, well-fitting jeans and white sneakers. Instead, people with a classy style prefer wearing shirts, blazers, formal pants and brogues or loafers. Of course, every person is different and their looks vary depending on the occasion. Still, the principal two fashion trends in the streets of Seoul are those mentioned above.

Women like to wear the trendy clothes of the season. In spring, clothing with flower prints and soft colors like pink, green, beige, violet and white is popular. From April, they love to put on dresses, blouses and shirts. Regarding the footwear, closed toe heeled sandals are the star shoes.

Simultaneously, men start adding more color to their outfits and completing them with modish accessories. Watches and belts are the essential men’s accessories for spring, but men in Seoul are also into caps and sunglasses that suit them and make them look more attractive.


As for grooming, men cut their hair shorter and women start using more hair accessories like headbands and clips. People in Korea apply sunscreen daily to not get sunburns and protect their skin from aging sooner or being damaged.

Girls put makeup on, mostly glittery, soft eyeshadows and lip tints in pink and red tones. Even some men apply a thin layer of BB cream to improve their overall appearance. The perfumes that people in Seoul wear during spring have fresh and sweet scents of flowers, fruits and the ocean. All these self-care aspects boost the confidence of the people who live in such a big and exciting city like Seoul.