How to Transition your Wardrobe from Winter to Spring


Woman transitioning the wardrobe

When March arrives and the weather starts to warm up, it is time to transition your wardrobe. Store the thick winter clothing and bring out lighter pieces that are suitable for the current weather. 

As spring fashion is about layering, keep a few fine sweaters and jackets to wear on colder days. Also, make sure to transition your color palette from darker tones to a variety of colors.

What is the purpose of transitioning the wardrobe?

– To keep seasonal clothes accessible: Put in the wardrobe the items that you will wear the most during the following weeks.

– To do a deep cleaning of the closet: A wardrobe transition is a good opportunity to review what you have in the closet and organize it.

When should the wardrobe be transitioned?

To have your seasonal clothes on hand and know what you have stored, it is advisable to do it twice a year. One, when spring arrives and another when the summer ends and fall begins. Depending on the weather in your area, you may have to reorganize the clothes in your closet more times a year.


Spring clothes are all about trench coats, denim items, striped t-shirts, chiffon dresses… This time is the ideal time to show your most stylish side with vivid colors and unique textures. The bright colors (fuchsia, green, purple…) and boho, floral, geometric prints predominate during spring.

This year, the practical and fashionable utility fashion trend will stay, and low-waisted pants are making a comeback. Transparencies, lingerie dresses, and sequins will bring out the most feminine side, while oversize blazers will make women feel powerful.

Building a high-quality spring capsule wardrobe is certainly worth investing time in. It is usually made up of timeless pieces that go beyond trends. With them, you can put together an infinite number of looks and easily adapt them to your own style.


White shirt: The classic white shirt is an essential item in women’s spring wardrobes. They can be worn both at work or for casual outings.

White shirt

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Blazer: It is a piece that you can wear on top of tank tops, t-shirts, shirts, or other jackets to build polished outfits. Blazers always make women look stylish and refined. You can also bet on weed jackets to look as modern as elegant.


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Striped sweater: A fine sweater is a key piece for layering that creates a preppy and classic. You can wear a striped sweater over your shoulders for decoration.

Striped sweater

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Tank top: Tank tops in a wide range of colors have caused a sensation both on the catwalk and in street style. It is an essential piece for layering.

Tank top

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Trench coat: It is the classic outerwear for spring. From the most traditional ones to modern designs, it is a safe bet to look stylish and sophisticated.

Trench coat

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Denims: Well-fitting light blue jeans are ideal to build relaxed yet stylish looks. They combine with most of the wardrobe.


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Midi skirt: It is a chic bottom that is easy to combine. It will transform your looks and elevate them to the next level.

Midi skirt

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Suit pants: Tailoring is evolving by leaps and bounds. Suit pants are versatile bottoms that add a touch of elegance to your outfits.

Suit pants

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Romantic dress: Dresses with feminine patterns like polka dot or flower prints are the most sought after this season. A midi-cut dress with a v-neck is a perfect option.


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Empty and classify the wardrobe

Make three piles of clothes, one with what you are going to keep, another with what you are not, and the third with the clothes that make you doubt. Among the clothes that you no longer want to keep, you should donate or give away the clothes that are still wearable. Throw worn-out clothes in a clothing recycling bin.

Clean the closet

Before restocking the closet, clean it out. Put sachets with aromatic plants or soap bars inside the drawers to give your spring clothes a good smell. Let it air out for at least 10 minutes, and then you can wipe it with a cloth to remove the dust.

Put away the winter clothes

– Wool sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, scarves, and winter hats should be stored in boxes to protect them from dust.

– Suits, pants, and coats should be hung.

– Coats and longer items are better preserved if they are not folded. All buttons and zippers must be fastened and, once tidy, they should be protected with covers.

– Don’t put away the basics, such as tank tops, shirts, sportswear, underwear, etc. Those clothes are basic essentials and can be worn at any time of the year.


The final touch to achieve total order in your closet is to choose the same type of hanger for all of your clothes. Using the same hangers keeps the clothes at the same height and maintains harmony in the closet. Additionally, hang a single garment per hanger to make it visible.

Organize the spring clothes

You can place the garments by type, grouping the pants, the skirts, etc., or by color, which is visually very organized and is ideal for quickly finding the outfit you have in mind. Some other useful tips include:

– Hang shirts, blouses, dresses, jackets, and wrinkle-prone pieces on hangers.

– Use specific bottom hangers or trouser racks for pants and skirts, and always hang dresses.

– Storage modules are a great solution for facilitating organization and easy access to clothes. In one module, store half-season clothes, and in another the summer clothes. If you organize by use (work, sports, etc.) you will save a lot of time.

Store vertically

Placing clothes vertically is the most space-efficient method for organizing closets. Avoid stocking tops in tall towers, as they tend to wrinkle and the piles can fall apart.

Vertical folding in the wardrobe

Image from Pinterest

Store the underwear and accessories: Take the opportunity to store socks, accessories, and underwear in drawer organizers that help keep them in sight inside the drawers. It is also time to throw away that mismatched socks you keep in case one day your half shows up.

Arrange the shoes: A shoe rack is a good ally to maximize space and better organize the footwear. Other options include putting them inside their own boxes or on shelves. It helps you find the pair you need at the right time.

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