Women's Versatile Bags for Spring / Summer 2023


Women's Bags for Spring/Summer
Image from Elle. Brands from left to right: JP YIM, Taylor Hill, Victor Virgile, and Randy Brooke.

Bags are essential in women’s wardrobes. They are accessories with different shapes, fabrics, and colors. They can adapt to any outfit and elevate it. Handbags are versatile accessories that are as stylish as practical. 

Women carry some of their most precious belongings in their handbags. For instance, clutches are very useful to keep the essentials and carry them around. On the other hand, bigger handbags allow women to keep their laptop and many other things. Regardless of the size, it is important to clean and organize the handbag every day so it is clear what is inside and where it is placed. It is a way to get ready for the day ahead.

Pastel colors and light textures are already seen in shops and fashion editorials, which bring the feeling that spring is around the corner. The handbags trends reinvent themselves with unique shapes and designs. In the SS23 fashion shows, there were displayed a large number of fun and innovative handbags.


There is a desire to experiment and play with accessories. A simple way to give your outfits a twist is to bet on chic accessories. Have a good collection of handbags of all sizes and for all occasions, from a colorful clutch to add a touch of color to modish handbags that are great for parties and events.

Maxi bags

Maxi bag

Buy this leather maxi bag from Bally

Maxi bags are the best alternative to wear the handbag as a statement piece. Big proportions have become one of the popular fashion trends. These XL bags are designed to keep everything from your sunglasses and water bottle, to your work laptop and many other things. Make sure you take advantage of these maxi handbags to take everything you need for the day, and organize it so you find it easily.

Padded bags

Padded bag

Buy this puffer bag from Loewe

They are soft and fluffy like small cotton clouds that are carried in the palm of the hand or under the arm. There is a wide variety of sizes, but they all have a thing in common: the ‘sherbet’ tones that are so trendy when the sun’s rays begin to heat up.

Half Moon

Half moon bag

Buy this bag from Stella Mc. Cartney

It was one of the trends last year, and it will still be present this year. Regardless of size or color, half moon bags are the best alternative for a practical bag with a chic touch. The crescent moon shape translates into an endless number of colors and finishes. It is normally worn close to the shoulder. It is appropriate for any situation, from work at the office to any casual relaxed outing.

With pockets

Bag with pockets

Buy this bag from By Far

For a high level of organization this year, try bags with added pockets. Fashion houses like Versace and By Far have been part of this ultra-practical trend for spring 2023 and beyond, perfect for organizing your life in compartments.


Oval bag

Buy this bag from Miu Miu

Whether in leather or rigid box type, the oval trend is present in the world of bags. They will be worn in vivid colors and styles. In street style, there have been popular oval designs such as the MIA by A.W.A.K.E. with a knot on the handle or the Wander by Miu Miu, in exquisite soft leather with grooves.


Metallic bag

Buy this silver bag from Bottega Veneta

You have probably noticed that metallic silver has flooded the accessories section of all brands, and this also includes bags. In silver, bronze, gold, and also in more striking tones, the metallic finishes that are so characteristic of the ‘Y2K’ trend take center stage this season. They explore very different styles: from the oval bag to go to the office, to the rigid mini bag or clutch to go to a special event.

With sparkles or sequins

Sequins bag

Buy this bag from JW Anderson

Beading and sequins aren’t just for New Year’s Eve looks, but for the whole year. Plus, the sparkles brighten up any outfit. Brands like JW Anderson keep betting on sequins, while Jimmy Choo and others keep releasing sparkly designs.


Pearl bag

Buy this bag from Simone Rocha

Pearly, porcelain, and marble textures starred in the proposals of the most vintage-style creators such as Simone Rocha or Chanel. They opt for mini rigid or chest-type bags that transmit an ethereal aesthetic. They combine very well with ‘glazed’ nails.

Furry bags

Furry bag

Buy this clutch from Fendi

Although spring calls for lighter and fresher textures, the furry trend will stay beyond March. In XL silhouettes or clutch designs, they explore very appealing colors and shapes, great to build memorable spring looks.

Baguette style

Baguette bag

Buy this bag from Jil Sander

It was the discovery of 2022, and now it is part of women’s essentials. The ‘baguette’ bags are suitable for a ‘Y2K’ style with a sophisticated air. If you are looking for a new style for your wardrobe, you can get it in ‘animal print’ patterns or a bolder color.

Mesh bag

Mesh bag

Buy this bag from Paco Rabanne

They could be seen in Paco Rabban’s fashion show, and soon they will be on the shelves of many brands. They are an updated and rockier version of the sequins bag, more eccentric than the metallic, that give a very unique touch for any outfit.

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