3 Ways of Styling Scarves for Winter


Women's winter scarves

Scarves are versatile, timeless accessories that add elegance and style to women’s wardrobes. There is a wide variety of scarves in the market made with different materials, like cashmere or silk, and shapes, such as square or narrow. 

As well, the designs and patterns are endless. That is why scarves are the perfect accessory to look stylish and stay warm throughout the cold seasons of the year. Learn about different ways of styling your scarves to accessorize your outfits for winter in a chic and sophisticated way.



Tie a European knot. This is a classic and elegant way to tie a long scarf. Take the scarf and fold it in half. Now you have both ends together on one side and a main end on the other. Put it around your neck and thread both ends through the loop. Adjust the ends to your liking. The European knot works well for cold winter days, since it keeps the neck warm.

European Knot


Tie an Ascot knot. You can create a stylish and chic Ascot knot with a square silk scarf. Fold the scarf in half to form a large triangle. Place the main triangle’s end down on your back. Then, bring the other two ends to the front and tie them in a double knot close to your neck. This style is perfect to wear the scarf as a statement piece.

Square Scarf


Make a traditional wrap around the neck. Wrap the narrow scarf once around your neck and leave both ends hanging down the front. Short and skinny scarves look great with simple styles. These types of scarves give color and texture to the looks. For winter, select a scarf made of wool or ribbed cotton to stay warm. Pair the scarf with formal clothes for work or events and with casual clothing for daily life.

Narrow Scarf

For more information and styles, watch the YouTube video created by Wendy’s Lookbook, in which she shows 25 ways to wear a scarf in 4.5 minutes.

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