8 Women's Hairstyles for Spring / Summer 2023


Women's Hairstyles for Spring/Summer

Keeping your hair healthy, hydrated, and brilliant elevates your look and makes you appear elegant and youthful. The most important thing is to know which hairstyle suits you best and to take care of your hair daily. Stick to the style that suits you, and don’t follow the trends blindly. That will enhance your appearance and show your personal taste.

Whether the hair that suits you is short, long, straight, or curly, there are always simple and effective options to look great and don’t spend too much time: bows, braids, and even loose hair… You can also experiment with your hairstyles by adding some hair accessories. The important thing is to maintain the hair healthy and luminous.


For instance, if you like ponytails and usually do them, add a braid, a scarf or a bow, as they make the hairstyle look more stylish. In case you prefer loose hair, some baby braids or headbands could look great on you.

On the other hand, if you love to keep your hair out of the way and you are a big fan of bows, there are several options that you can try: ballerina bun, top knot, knot bow… As well, you can style it with open bangs or very tight with hair gel, mask or hairspray.

Among the products that you should have to achieve good hairstyles with a beautiful finish are: hair oils to achieve a silky and shiny finish and a good bottle of hairspray to fix any hairstyle.


Medium length

It is more of a haircut, but give it a certain vintage look and you will look more sophisticated. With lopsided bangs and a side part it looks elegant. Also, place an “invisible” clip behind the ear to keep the hair in place.

Medium length hairstyle

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Side mane

In a long version without bangs. The trick to keep it on point is to place the hair behind the ears and apply a bit of hairspray.

Side hairstyle

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Braided ponytail

The classic low ponytail can be upgraded with a tight braid that is tied with -fine rubber bands, which are not visible. Watch this video to learn different ways to braid your low ponytail.

Braided ponytail

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Ballerina bun

The timeless hairstyle that always looks refined. Make a ponytail and then wrap it around itself. Adjust to the head with hairpins. It is perfect for the office, for a party, for a wedding… Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Ballerina bun

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High Polished Ponytail

Comb all your hair upwards with the help of gel or hairspray. You can also do it with a hair mask, and you will be taking care of it at the same time, and collect it in a very tight ponytail. To give it a stylish touch, you can reserve a lock of hair and surround the ponytail so that the hair band is not seen.

High ponytail

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Layered hair

This hairstyle has recently been a trend. Although it seems like a lot of work, you will only need one of the blow dryers with built-in styling layers. Thus, when you get out of the shower you will only have to dry it with it and give it the shape you want. In 10 minutes you will have it ready.


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Half-up hair with ribbon

Collect several strands on both sides of the face in a ponytail and finish it off with a bow. Whether in a ponytail, half-up or bun, creating a bow shape with your scarf will add a chic finish to your hairstyle. Watch this video to learn how to do it.

Half-up with ribbon

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Wavy hair

As simple as creating light waves in a few strands of hair. Simply to give it shape and forget about the usual smooth boring. It works for both long and short hair.

Wavy hairstyle

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They can be guest bows, easy and beautiful braided hairstyles or curly hair hairstyles to show off your precious long hair, but always with the special touch of the scarf. These ideas are not only for special occasions, because hairstyles with scarves are perfect 24/7.

They are quick and easy to do hairstyles that rejuvenate and bring freshness to the look. They are ideal for both long and short hair. Watch this video to learn more about scarf hairstyles and how to do them.

High ponytail or half-up with scarf

To make a high ponytail, comb through the hair with your fingers. Leave a few strands around the face and hold with a rubber band. Make sure that it is not particularly tight. You can choose to have it more or less undone. Place the scarf below and knot above, with a simple loop.

High ponytail with scarf

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Low ponytail or braid

Follow the same step by step of the high ponytail, but leaving the hairstyle at the nape of the neck. Specially fluff up the hair at the crown of the head and tie the scarf in the same way as above.

For the braid, collect the hair in a low ponytail and hold it with a rubber band. Wrap the scarf around it, hiding the elastic, and begin to braid in such a way that one end of the braid is the scarf. Finish it with an elastic, rolling the scarf at the end and hiding the elastic.

Low ponytail with scarfLow braid with a scarf

1st image from Edward Berthelot-Getty Images & 2nd image from Pinterest

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