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Don't let your image hold you back.

Jen Auh is the founder of the world's leading Image Consulting Agency, Style Konsult.

Jen Auh
Too Faced Cosmetics Campaign
Silver Jeans Signage
Bliss Retail Signage
Macys banners

The beginning

Jen built her first beauty e-commerce site in 1997. It was the start of her web design career for over 20 years working in the beauty and fashion industries.


Since then, Jen designed 360 creative campaigns from websites, social media, and catalogs for major beauty and fashion retailers like Bliss, Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Silver Jeans.


As a beauty and fashion expert, she quickly noticed how looks influenced people’s confidence. Successful people looked the part. This is where her journey in image consulting started.


It wasn’t long before people reached out for her expertise in improving their look and boosting their confidence. And, their confident look launched their success.

The Vision

Now 48, Jen has a community of over 8,000 people and has built a half-million-dollar image consulting agency, Style Konsult by empowering people’s image and confidence.


From an early beauty and fashion web design career, to now creating a world of confidence, Jen’s fast-growing agency, Style Konsult has already made a mark in the image consulting industry, working to build thought leadership and huge image consulting influence globally.

STYiLES Image Consulting Guide

Book a call with Jen

Book a 1:1 virtual session with Jen for yourself or your business. Get real-time advice with practical steps on image transformation, personal style, first impression, communication, personal branding, and scaling an agency and startups. 

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