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STYiLES book by Jen Auh
This book will show you exactly how to:
  • Position yourself as an elite image consultant 

  • Get a clear understanding of your current brand 

  • Rebrand yourself by identifying the “right” market

  • Find the essential resources you need to better serve your clients

  • Expand your network and connect with resources around the globe

Elevate Your
Image Consulting Business To The Next Level

Becoming an elite image consultant is within your grasp. This book reveals a step-by-step action plan to position yourself as the best of the best. What you’re about to discover is part art, part science and guaranteed to help you transform your business from the OUTSIDE in.

The founder of Style Konsult, Jen Auh, is an image consultant with 20+ years of experience in the beauty and fashion industries. She has worked with brands such as Bliss, Macy’s, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Silver Jeans. Jen started her journey as an image consultant by advising her friends on style and self-care in her living room. 


Her passion and skills have led her to build an image consulting and personal branding agency, Style Konsult Inc., that focuses on helping businesses and individuals look their best and boost their confidence.


Also, Jen is creating a world of confidence with the virtual image consulting platform STYiLES. She helps image consultants to elevate their businesses to the next level with virtual services.


Learn more about STYiLES.

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