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Personal Life Color

By incorporating your life color into your daily routine, you can harness its energy and pave the way to unparalleled achievements. 

Life color report

Your personal life color report includes:

  • 2 Life colors - Primary and secondary

  • Personality traits

  • Career recommendations

  • Wardrobe style suggestions

  • Interior design tips for increased productivity

  • Strengths for maximizing results

  • Areas for improvement

  • Best months and time for enhanced results

  • Ideal circle for personal growth and professional achievement

At the moment of your birth, you were gifted with five unchangeable pieces of personal data: birth year, month, day, time, and place. From these fundamental elements, your unique life color emerges, illuminating every facet of your existence.


Your life color isn't merely a label—it's a roadmap to success. It reveals your inherent traits, strengths, ideal physique, and even the most conducive career path for your fulfillment. But its influence extends beyond the individual; it also guides you toward forging connections with the right circle of allies to propel you toward success.

Imagine the confidence and empowerment that comes from understanding your personal life colors. Our comprehensive report offers invaluable insights to help you unlock your full potential and lead a purposeful life.

Start on a transformative journey of self-exploration as you delve into the depths of your personal life color. Discover your natural talents, identify areas for growth, and harness the energy of your life color to improve your communication skills and cultivate meaningful relationships.


Whether you seek clarity in your career or aspire to uncover your true calling, our Personal Life Color Report is your key to a brighter future.

"Jen helped me discover the right colours for my physical appearance and personal brand. I took on board all her suggestions right away and say: More confidence, more compliments and more client conversions. It was a win-win-win outcome on all levels. I look better, I feel better and other people feel it too. 1000% recommend Jen and her consulting its changed the trajectory of my business and life" 🙌

William, Australia

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