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Embark on a journey into the realm of innovation and inspiration with Jen Auh, a trailblazing force in Image Consulting and Personal Branding. 

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The Knowledge Shop

Episode 37

Things I Didn't Learn at Harvard

ABCs of Personal Branding - Holiday 2023 Edition

Navigating the Holiday Networking Season: A Personal Branding Review and Dos & Don'ts Guide As the holiday season approaches, it's not just a time for festive decorations and merriment—it's also a prime opportunity to enhance your personal brand through holiday networking. 

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The Bold Maven

January 2024 Cover Story

Introducing the “Confidence-Building” Gem, Jen Auh! After working for over 20 years, Jen Auh left the corporate world to start an image consulting business where she could impact people on a personal level.

“What I saw as an image consultant, I could really make an impact on a personal level.”

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The City College of New York

Image Consulting

We are thrilled about our upcoming collaboration with industry expert, Jen Auhfounder of image consulting agency, STYiLES
Seize this exclusive opportunity to receive expert guidance and discover the transformative power of personal branding that leads to career success. Build Your Iconic Presence, boost your career, and boundless potential.

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